Remote Energy Healing (or Distant Healing) is offered for your convenience. You do not need to be in the same room or geographical location as me because energy is unlimited and unrestricted by time and space and therefore the energy being channelled  through distance will feel just as strong as if you are receiving it in person.

As stated in the Energy Healing tab you need to be in a peaceful environment with no distractions or interruptions, sitting or lying down with eyes closed  where I can speak to you on a hands-free device.


The first Remote Energy Healing session will take approximately 40 minutes and subsequent sessions, if required, will take approximately 30 minutes. Price includes a Energy Healing Crystal, postage is extra.


The cost is AUD$125.00 per session and price includes an Energy Healing Crystal which will be mailed to you shortly after the first session.

Free delivery in Australia Only.

Please go to the Energy Crystal page for more information.

Remote Energy Healing sessions are in Melbourne, Australia so please consider the time difference when making an appointment.

At the agreed time you can either phone, email or Messenger to contact me on :

By Appointment Only

0413 010 710